Past Events

Carol Singing December 2013

The Christmas carol singing for the seniors was held on Saturday, December 14th.

As in previous years, the carol team visited three seniors’ homes in Vancouver China town area, namely the Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Care Home, the Villa Cathay Care Home, and the Grace Seniors Home.

This year, there were two records broken : firstly, in the number of singers and, secondly, in number of seniors who attended the event.

Over 40 carol singers set off in the morning of a cool and cloudy day in a school bus sponsored by a school bus company. It picked up and dropped off singers in three stops. All loved the bus arrangement as they found it convenient and could chit-chat during the ride. It also brought back the sweet memory of those school days.

The carol team stayed at each seniors home for around 45 minutes. They started with seven carols and three popular Cantonese songs, then played interactive games with the seniors and distributed Christmas gifts to all those present. In addition, seniors received a homemade Christmas card with an instant photo of themselves on one side and a 2014 calendar on the other. The seniors appreciated everything we brought to them especially our care and company.

All carol singers considered to have spent a rewarding and meaningful day as they brought happiness and joy to the residents of the seniors’ homes as well as enjoyed a great time with fellow Paulinians.

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Diablo Lake Trip Sept 2013

Our annual "One Day Trip" was set on Sept.7th, 2013. Our schedule is to visit the Diablo Lake and Ladder Creek Fall in the morning and complete our day with 2 hours Shopping in Cascade Mall in Washington States.

Diablo Lake is in the North Cascade mountains. The unique, intense turquoise hue of the lake's water is attributed to the surrounding glaciers that grind rocks into a fine powder that is carried into the lake through creeks. You can witness by the photos attached.

On Sept.7th, with a big 55 seater chartered bus, we have 45 participants, all gathered together at 7:30 to start our journey. The weather was fantastic. Each of us was being treated with fresh hot Chinese Bun for our breakfast and we headed first to Diablo Lake Outlook and then to Ladder Creek Fall. The scenery at both places are really awesome. We took a lot of photos and some of us reluctant to leave the scene as they were captured by the beauty of the Nature, but we were pressed by time as we still promised the participants that they have 2 hours shopping at the Cascade Mall.

We started to return to Vancouver around 5 pm after a full day of scenery that satisfied our eyes and "good deal" shopping to our heart content at the Mall.

All of us were singing school hymn and pop songs on the bus going home. We trust that everyone had a nice time and a very good memory of our Trip.

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BBQ Jun 2013

On June 1, the Alumni had the annual BBQ picnic at Belcarra Regional Park, which is a very beautiful and scenic area in Port Moody along the Burrard Inlet. A total of 40 members and family participated this outdoor event. After several rainy days, we were blessed with a nice weather.

The picnic started at 10 am; some helped to set up BBQ stoves while some prepared tables with homemade salad ready to be served. During the next 3 hours, the rented shelter was full of laughter. All participants had a good time in catching up news with each other as well as enjoying the food prepared by volunteers, including beef tenderloin, pork chop, fish balls, chicken wings, sausages, yam, fruit, salad, dessert, snacks, drinks....etc.

After a sumptuous meal with a full stomach, more than half of the participants went for a 75-minutes hiking along a trail surrounded by the beauty of the nature and with the serene lake on one side, while the rest of the group walked along the beach and watched others crabbing and fishing.

The event finished at 3 pm with everyone feeling lighthearted and happy. Before saying goodbye, participants promised to see each other again next year.

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Annual Dinner Mar 2013

The biggest and most popular event of the Alumni, Annual Dinner, was held on Friday, 1 March 2013 at Kirin Seafood Restaurant in Richmond with a total of 101 members and their guests participating.

Theme of the Annual Dinner was LOVE which aimed to provide an evening full of love to fellow Paulinians and guests. Most of the participants dressed for the event by wearing heart-shaped accessories like earrings, pendants, brooches, etc. or clothing with heart-shaped pattern or clothing in pink/red. This added warmth to the atmosphere.

To show love and care, a food donation to Richmond Food Bank Society was organised. Majority of participants brought along non-perishable food donation (mostly canned food) for entry to the dinner venue. Over 250 canned foods were collected. All could feel the joy of giving and sharing right at the beginning of the dinner.

Before Dinner, there was fundraising activities including silent auction, sale of orchids and roses as well as homemade cookies. Objective was to raise fund for buying gifts to seniors when the Alumni Christmas Carol team visited seniors’ home in December. Most of the participants were supportive and generous. A total of $3,600 was successfully raised.

The welcome package for participants consisted of 3 plastic folders in pink, blue and green with imprint of Paulinian Alumni Association Vancouver, a big homemade heart-shaped cookie and a red heart made of pipe cleaner. In addition, every participant got two prizes; one from table prize and the other from lucky draw. All prizes were donated by our generous members.

There were two games, namely Locks of Love and Charade. Participants were enthusiastic and all involved actively. Winner of games received nice prizes which were also sponsored by generous members.

Aligning with the theme, the performance was singing love related songs during which Susanna (Paulinian) and her husband Anthony sang to express romance love "只有情永在", Denise Hsiah & Jenny Chan to praise friendship with "千個太陽" and Daisy to show respect to parental love by "You raised me up". The Christmas Carol team sang romance love song "萬水千山總是情" and encored with "朋友". All participants loved these songs and the atmosphere was heated up by the singing together of most participants.

The dinner came to the end after drawing of 4 grand prizes donated by Geraldine Lui, Sylvia Chok, Elizabeth Tan, and Josephine Hui respectively.

All members and their guests had an enjoyable evening full of love and treasured the gathering with fellow Paulinians.

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