Past Events in 2015

Carol Singing 2015

Paulinian Christmas carol singing for the seniors was held on Saturday, December 12th.

As a tradition, the Paulinian carol team visited three senior homes in the Vancouver Chinatown area, namely Simon K.Y. Lee Care Home, Villa Cathy Care Home, and Grace Seniors Home.

Over 30 carol singers, all wearing tidy uniforms (red T-shirts with "Paulinian Vancouver" embroidered on the front, black pants/skirt, black shoes and new blink-blink Santa hats which were tailor-made by one of the Paulinians), set off on a cool and wet morning in a bus sponsored by a school bus company.

The bus picked up and dropped off the singers at three stops. All loved the bus arrangement as they found it convenient and could chat during the ride. Seeing all of the Paulinian singers in uniforms and sitting in a school bus brought back sweet memories of our school days.

The carol team stayed at each senior home for around 60 minutes. They sang seven carols, one Cantonese song, one English pop song and one Mandarin song, then played games with the seniors and distributed Christmas gifts to all of those present. Every senior received a small fleece blanket and they all loved it. In addition, seniors received a handmade Christmas card with an instant photo of themselves on one side and a 2016 calendar on the other. The seniors appreciated everything we brought to them especially our care and company.

All carol singers spent a rewarding and meaningful day as they brought happiness and joy to the residents of the senior homes as well as enjoyed a great time with fellow Paulinians.

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One-Day trip to Chilliwack

The one day trip was held on Saturday, September 19, 2015. This year, we continued to explore the beautiful British Columbia by visiting Chilliwack in a chartered school bus driven by a voluntary driver.

In that cool and rainy morning, a total of 43 participants got on the bus at three pick up points respectively and punctually. The rather gloomy weather did not affect our mood; all participants felt excited about the gathering and started chit-chat when the bus heading to the first stop of the day.

The group arrived Bridal Veil Falls at 10:00. All participants were energised by hot coffee and Chinese buns before taking a 15-minutes hike to see the Falls. The Falls drop 122 metres over a wide rock face; creating a "veil-like" effect. Everyone was impressed by its gorgeous outlook and took lots of photos to record the beautiful scenic.

The second stop was Cultus Lake where the group stopped at its two prospect points; Jade Bay boat launch and Cultus Lake Park, so that we were able to see the Lake from different angles. When we were ready to take our group photos, rain stopped and we could stay closer to the clear water and had our photos taken.

After visiting two sightseeing points, we had lunch at the Cottonwood Mall. Then our shopping started when we visited Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey and Local Organic Farm. Stop at both stores ended up with a long queue at the cashier and majority of participants returned to the bus with shopping bags on hand.

We headed home at around 4:00pm. And the laughter continued as half of the participants had dinner together in a restaurant in Richmond. Despite showers of rain, all participants spent an enjoyable fun-filled day with fellow Paulinians and friends. Do click below and share our happy moments.

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Mass & Visit to Westminster Abbey, Mission 2015

On Sunday, July 19th, a group of 40 Paulinians, families and friends attended a mass at Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia.

With a sense of excitement in the crisp morning air, we convened at the monastery and exchanged pleasantries since we last met. Prior to attending the mass, we entered the church and admired the high ceiling, stunning architecture, colorful stained glass, and the series of concrete bas-reliefs affixed to pillars. The group enjoyed the solemn moments of serenity and peace.

After the mass, Fr. Abbot who is the superior of the Benedictine monks at the Abbey gave an informative talk on women’s influence in family as well as a blessing to the group. We then walked around the monastery and admired the view of the lake and skyline of the Fraser Valley. Llew Leeson, our honorary photographer, took individual and group pictures with remarkable view.

A private room was booked for lunch at Martin’s Downtown Restaurant in Mission. Alongside great company, we enjoyed a meal with exceptional service, sumptuous food and great prices.

It was a fruitful day; not only did we enjoy our friendship and gathering, we were also lifted spiritually. The group was heartedly grateful to be able to join this religious event.

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English High Tea 2015

A High Tea Party, being the second event of the Alumni was held on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at the Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale, Vancouver from 3:30 to 6:30pm.

With the theme of the party "Costume With A Hat!”, 25 participants including Paulinians, their relatives and friends dressed in smart elegant attire; majority of them wore pretty matching hats to show their charms.

Beautiful towers of homemade sweets, savouries including finger sandwiches, pastries, scones and deserts, accompanied by individual choice of tea were served. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon escape from the busy daily schedule by tasting the food delights, sipping the soothing tea, chatting, renewing/meeting new acquaintances, etc. The whole gathering was full of fun, great smiles and good laughter.

Eliza Krohn, who gorgeously dressed up in an English High Tea Style, was unanimously voted to have the most beautiful/outstanding hat and won the prize.

Highlight of the afternoon was a game called "What is in your Purse" during which all participants were busy in looking for the listed items in their purses; more items higher scores! After searching for a good while and individual scores checked, Sandy Hsieh won the game with almost all the listed items in her purse! Thanks to Cecilia Tong and Sylvia Chok for sponsoring two prizes.

While all participants had a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon, you are invited to share the fun and wonderful moments of this event by viewing the pictures as posted.

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Annual Dinner 2015

Annual Dinner of the Alumni was held on Friday, 6 March 2015 at Richmond Kirin Seafood Restaurant with a total of 110 members and their guests participating. This was the biggest and most popular event of the Alumni.

Theme of the Annual Dinner was Date with the Beatles which aimed to pay tribute to this most renowned and influential band in1960s. The venue was decorated as a concert hall with posters, canvas prints and album covers of the Beatles. Well known songs of Beatles were played throughout the dinner. To dress for the event, all ExCo members wore dresses of 60s style while some participants put on clothing of 60s. This definitely brought everybody back to the days when Beatles were at their peak.

After getting their concert tickets at the reception, participants were invited to the “Liverpool Pub” serving with beer, pops, chips, nuts, egg rolls and mini sausage rolls. Participants could relax and enjoy live popular songs in 60s with guitar accompaniment, and met their friends with updates during this "happy hour".

The welcome package for each participant was a Beatles T-shirt sponsored by Apple Corp Inc., a wooden guitar fridge magnet and a CD case in which they found the program of the dinner. In addition, every participant received two prizes; one from table prize and the other from lucky draw. All prizes were sponsored by generous members and Apple Corp Inc. As a surprise, a special gift of 2-nights accommodation in Whistler sponsored by an ExCo member was given to a lucky participant whose name was drawn from those who had dressed for the event.

There were two games, namely “Do you know this song?” and “Make a puzzle”. Participants found them very interesting and all involved enthusiastically. Winner of games received USB of 8/16GB and high sensitive stylus pen for smart phone. Both were also sponsored by generous members.

The atmosphere of the dinner was further heated up when the Beatles came on stage for performance. They were role-played by four ExCo members, namely, Cecilia Tong, Elizabeth Tan, Sylvia Yung and Theresa Wang. It was a real surprise to all participants who responded with cheers and applaud. The performance was followed by a local amateur band 55+ who sang a medley of several Beatles songs. Participants danced and swung following the rhythm.

The dinner came to the end after drawing of 3 grand prizes sponsored by Geraldine Lui, Sylvia Chok and Gloria Chan respectively.

All members and their guests had an enjoyable evening full of joy and laughter, most important of all, treasured the gathering with fellow Paulinians.

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